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Teach the world how
to say your name with confidence

Record your name pronounced properly.

Share your beautiful name with the world.

A collage of images as follows: A name label titled My Name Is with the name Gráinne written on it. An interview session where a man is mispronouncing a woman's name. A woman at a conference incorrectly pronouncing the name of the next speaker. A frustrated woman screaming her name pronounced properly.

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Screenshot of post on Perhaps the Dramatic Irishman Lyle Nelson, aka Leslie Nielsen, aka Ralph Fiennes, really known as Liam Neeson (@actuallyliamn) should use @SayMyNameHow to stop having his name slaughtered by Americans 🤔⁉️ @colbertlateshow Will you let Liam know about it 🤣? Has a YouTube embed showing a St. Patrick's Day message from Liam Neeson.Liam Neeson post on

Share your name with the world by helping them pronounce it properly.

Link to your Say My Name audio profile on your socials, in your email signature, and on your resume.

Teach everyone how to pronounce your name properly before starting that interview, meeting, podcast, or big announcement.

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Who Needs Say My Name?

Anyone with a Beautiful, Distinctive Name

Is your unique name affecting your career, causing problems at school, or impacting your social life?

Speech bubble that says, 'Toss that resume! I'd never be able to pronounce that!'Speech bubble that says, 'Look at that name! I bet they don't speak English very well.'Speech bubble that says, 'Those crazy Irish names! I'll just call you Paddy.'Speech bubble that says, 'Half the interview was wasted trying to get everyone to pronounce her name properly.'

Add your audio profile to your resume and email signature to help potential employers, teachers, and friends learn how to propery pronounce your name in advance.

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I'm Justin Noel. I created Say My Name because so many people suffer from others mispronouncing their unique, beautiful names.

For example, my wife Grainne, has been called "Granny", "Grain", "Can't I just use your middle name?", and sometimes even worse 😬 throughout her life.

With Say My Name, everyone can easily learn how to say her name properly.

No more awkward introductions and no more embarrassing moments!

If you know someone with a unique or difficult to pronounce name, consider gifting them a subscription to Say My Name.

Why Say My Name Isn't Free

Most "free" services earn money from ads. However, these services aren't really free.

Advertisements compromise your privacy and enable big tech companies to track your online activities.

Serving ads consumes vast amounts of energy, water, and mined resources and has a huge environmental impact.

I'm an independent web developer committed to making a sustainable income from Say My Name.

I hope you'll agree that "free" isn't worth the price and agree to pay a small subscription fee for such a useful service.

P.S. "Say My Name" is a veteran owned business operating in McKinney, TX, USA.


All plans include short intro/bio and ability to upload short name recording and a story about your name to help others pronounce it properly.

*Say My Name was created and is maintained by an independent developer. Pick a price that works for you. Your support is greatly appreciated. ❤️ 🙏


Pick a price* starting at $2.50/year



Pick a price* starting at $2.50/yearplus $1/year per additional family member (max 10)


Business/Large Groups

$50/yearplus $1/year per person$250 set up fee

Personalized addresses are available for free after coordination with company's Human Resources department.


Have Questions?

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to send your questions to [email protected].

What should I say in my name recordings?

The first, short recording should only have your properly pronounced name. There is no need to say it particularly slowly as the site will let customers play it at slower speeds.

The second, long recording can be any information about you and your name that you would like to share - it's meaning, origin, or maybe a funny story.

Can I purchase a SayMyName account for someone else as a gift?

Are you hiring and want to show a candidate your team is empathetic, welcoming, and really wants to help them succeed?

Their family gave them their beautiful, unique name. You can give them the gift of proper pronunciation.

Coming Soon: Purchase a gift code for your friends, family, or (potential) co-workers. You can send them the gift code yourself or we'll do it for you. In the meantime, please reach out to [email protected]  to coordinate this manually.

Discounted, bulk purchases are available for large organizations that truly respect all of their employees.

Can I have a family account for my kids, partner, etc?

Yes, you can! Just not automatically right now 😢.

Discounted rates are available for family accounts. The creator of the account will pay regular price. All additional names in that group will be steeply discounted.

The creator of the account will manage all audio recording uploads for the whole family.

Once you have created the primary account, please send an email to [email protected] to add additional family members to your account.

Note: Family accounts are not intended for businesses or other uses outside of families.

What link will I use to let people learn my name?

Initially, the link to your SayMyName page will be something like:

As soon as we have a safe and reliable way to determine someone is reserving their real name and not "name squatting", you will be able to purchase and use your name in the link like:


Because all links must be unique, personalized addresses may require additional characters to distinguish between those with the same name. Personalized addresses will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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